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"Bridging the gap for the visually impaired music producer & audio engineer."

Music Producer | Audio Engineer | Accessibility Consultant

Jason offers one-to-one courses and software overlays specially targeted to the needs of the visually impaired community, giving them the opportunity to learn music production techniques as well as making previously inaccessible hardware and software practicable by the use of his innovative software overlays.


His courses are also applicable to sighted people with a passion for learning more dynamic music production methods.

The techniques that he developed utilise keyboard shortcuts integral to specialised software platforms that work to maximise  workflow efficiency and further serve to bring  Graphic User Interfaces (GUI's) to life for the blind user.

Normalizing the Conversation

Normalizing the Conversation

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Expert Lecturer

With over 25 years experience in successfully running his own production studio, Jason has spent several years working closely with some of the world's leading music production hardware & software manufacturers to help make their products accessible. This experience has allowed him to design his own methods of working which he can now impart to other visually impaired music producers, enabling them to master mainstream products that were previously out of reach and giving them the confidence to compete on an equal footing with their sighted counterparts.

Course Benefits


Visually Impaired  Community

The global visually impaired community has historically been underserved by music equipment manufacturers, with a few notable exceptions like AVID (ProTools/ Sibelius), Native Instruments (Komplete Kontrol) and Apple (Logic) who introduced accessibility to their products within recent years. However, the landscape is changing and many more manufacturers are seeing the importance of accessibility and are taking the necessary steps to serve this market.

 Together with the strides in screen reading software being made by Apple with VoiceOver and Microsoft Windows with Narrator among others, blind and visually impaired producers are now poised to exploit these advances. 


Flexible Curriculum

Jason has two options for learning to address the needs of a wide cross-section of his community. Whether you're a novice and need to start from "scratch", or a seasoned professional just needing to acquire some new skills, Jason can take you through specially designed one-to-one classes in your topic of choice or you can choose one of his set courses which cover a wide range of topics from the proper use of Autotune to Top/Down Mixing and much more!


“I have been working with Jason for over a year now and if you are looking for someone who can guide you through Accessibility in ProTools, Machine, Komplete Kontrol, and many more programs for audio production Jason is the man. He has taught me so much over this past year and a half of working with him and has become a great resource and friend in helping me with any questions I may have on audio production.

Whatever service you decide to go with in working with Jason he is well worth the money and info you will gain. Thanks Jason for working so hard in making the programs I use accessible enough for me to do my work and become a better engineer and producer."

Brett Shishkoff, Radio Broadcast Engineer/ Music Producer, CRIS Radio Chicago, USA. June 2020

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