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About Us

The Man with a Mission to make  

Accessibility the Norm....


Jason Dasent has been offering his innovative new methods in online music production techniques specifically for the visually impaired for several years. 

Since coming to the UK in 2019 to pursue an MA at BIMM London, Jason has continued his development of accessibility solutions  including his innovative software overlays for Native Instruments Maschine and Antares AutoTune Pro among others.

Since his landmark event "Normalising the Conversation - The Road to Accessible Music Tech" in January, 2021, he has been an Accessibility Consultant for Music Equipment Manufacturers such as Avid, Arturia, Antares and Focusrite/ Novation.

 He is also a consultant for both Drake Music, one of the leading British organisations working with music, disability and technology and Creative United, a British non-profit that supports the arts, cultural and creative industries through innovative business growth programmes and membership schemes.

Jason continues to act as an ambassador for the visually impaired community providing a voice to guide accessibility development among music equipment manufacturers. He and his team are dedicated to bridging the gap by continuing to develop inclusive solutions to allow access to the most in demand music hardware and software by the visually impaired and indeed the wider differently-abled community. 

The Core Team 

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Sarah Joseph-Dasent

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Sarah is a highly skilled administrative, marketing and creative professional, with an MBA in Marketing from the University of the West Indies and 15+ years of experience. 

Married to Jason since 2010, she has worked in their business since 2012. 

Sarah continues to support Jason on the technical side in the development of the their software overlays that bring accessibility to the music production hardware and software that he utilises in studio and in his online classes.

Sarah is unwavering in her support of accessibility as she sees firsthand the significant independence that can be achieved when the effort is made to make things accessible for the differently able.

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John de la Bastide

John de la Bastide

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An experienced photographer and camera repair technician with over 30 years experience in running his own business (CamDoc), John functions as JDIS' Lead Scriptwriter & Sighted Technical Support. A friend and associate for over 25 years John was instrumental in assisting Jason to dramatically change the visually impaired practitioner's experience by bringing the previously blank Maschine interface to life for the blind user, utilising the Keyboard Maestro platform in the very first version of software overlays in 2017. John's exacting standards and attention to detail always ensure that the overlays are written to the highest levels of accuracy and as such continues to be an invaluable member of the team.


Romauld Castillo

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Romauld got his start in the music production business through advertising over 20 years ago. While in his role as an advertising executive he met Jason and over the years they worked together on many projects. Ten years ago he struck out on his own to establish Rasillo Recording Studio where he began working more closely with Jason in shooting and editing some of the first online videos that Jason produced. Romauld continues to serve as Video Editor & Sighted Technical Support as Jason recently began to expand his online offerings to include more in-demand topics such as Mixing & Mastering in Protools, Vocal Techniques and much more. Romauld’s solid experience, skill and can-do attitude makes him a highly valued member of the JDIS team.

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