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More Testimonials

“I started my training with Jason not knowing very much about music production and now after only a couple of months of training, I am confident in what I have learned and I am already able to put into practice the knowledge that he has passed on. 

Jason always comes to our sessions with a smile and I always get the feeling he really wants to be there. He always has a well-structured plan for the lesson and he keeps things moving along. Jason always is considerate about my health and if I am not up to a lesson he will reschedule for me with no problems.

I have had other training in the past for things but Jason has made me feel more than just another one of his students. I have full confidence in his abilities and I know that I just need to contact him and he will help as much as he possibly can."

Grant Marshall, Lincolnshire, UK.  June 2020

“Working with Jason was absolutely an amazing experience! The mixing class provided me with a clear understanding of what it takes to reverse engineer effects processing for a produced song. Not just any song, but a song recorded, edited & mixed by Jason Dasent himself.

I truly had the ability to ask detailed questions about the processing chain and how one must use Flo Tools & Pro Tools together to accomplish this. I look forward to pursuing more one-on-one courses with Jason in the future…"

Steve Baskis, Colorado, USA.  June 2020

 "I’ve been learning Pro Tools and Native Instruments Maschine with Jason for awhile now.

I enjoy learning with him, he’s patient and thorough and he puts in the effort to make sure that I understand the subjects he’s teaching me. I would recommend him as a teacher for anyone who wants to learn music production."

Trayhern Culver,  Wales, UK.  June 2020

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